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What Is Yoga?

Do You Know What Yoga Really Is?

As you may or may not know, yoga is simply an ancient Indian school of thought which enhances personal expansion along with well being. While it is a systemic philosophical method, yoga is not a religion, however supporting with many spiritual ways.

The actual physical area of Yoga (Hatha Yoga) use poses and concentrated breath, requiring concentration and self-discipline. The result is a better unification of mind, body and spirit. Anyone, regardless of physical stature, their age, expertise, or physical ability, can practice yoga.

What is yoga?

Pop culture would have you think doing yoga involves contorting your body into difficult positions while gazing at a candle plus inhaling incense. You will see that yoga is much more than that.

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It’s a group of techniques which may be done by nearly everyone – not only the much younger that are in shape and strong. Yoga may be practiced by seniors, handicapped individuals, and even kids.

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