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(VIDEO) Are You Toxic? Clear It With Yoga

This Yoga’s Going To Make You Glow!

Sometimes I find myself binging on foods that I shouldn’t be eating.  Some are even healthy, yet, too much of anything is not good.  My digestive system gets taxed and it takes days to recover.  Have you experienced this?

So, to kick you in the pants, sweat it out with this yoga routine.  This yoga sequence is great for anyone interested in improving their digestion and detoxing.

It will encourage you to breathe deeply into yourself and connect.  You may not be able to do the full workout in the beginning.  Go at your pace, and practice this yoga on a regular basis and you WILL feel and notice a difference.  And one day, you’ll be able to do the whole yoga sequence!  It is a flowing yoga sequence and may take a few times to get used to.  Don’t be hard on yourself.

Get To it with the video on the next page.

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