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7 Insane Yoga Poses

Incredible Yoga Poses You’ll Puzzle Over

These are not poses you can do after rolling out of bed. Years of experience, practice and moving your body slowly towards these poses is necessary so you don’t hurt yourself.

1. Asana Yoga Pose

yogi insane poses1I would be a little concerned about my hip joints with this one after years of wear and tear.  Wow!!

2. Frog

yogi insane poses2What is he doing?  Is he sleeping? I think out of all of the poses here, this is the simplest.  Can you do this?  Are you close?

3. Taraksvasana – Handstand Scorpion

yogi insane poses3There are two versions of this…one with the legs straight up and the other with the feet in front.  This will keep the fires burning in your abdomen and full core.  Amazing power!

4. Peacock Variation

yogiinsaneposes4I really don’t know what to say about this pose…simply amazing what we can do with our bodies with practice.  Okay, years and hours of practice. How does she balance like that and how did she get her legs to bend that direction?  We may never know.

The next pose is a couple’s pose that will leave you baffled. See the next page.

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